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Trip to Barbuda on the Excellence for 2 people

This passage is about 28 miles. It will take about an hour and fifteen minutes to cross to our Sister Island Barbuda aboard the "Excellence". Seeing Barbuda by boat is the best way to enjoy this nature island and its beaches. We cruise up the 17-mile beach named Low Bay, where in-season, turtle tracks will be visible as some species may return every two weeks or so - to lay up to 30 nests of 300 eggs. At Low Bay, the "Excellence" will come up on the beach. And, a ladder will be lowered. At this point you are free to bask in the water or come with the group across to the "Codrington Lagoon" where the Barbudan guides will be waiting with their small boats. With about 10 people in each boat we are whisked across the lagoon and into the heart of the mangroves to the world’s largest Frigate bird colony. We can get very close to these huge birds and the Barbudan guides will enchant you with their local knowledge and observations of the lives of the “Man ‘O’ War” bird, perhaps entice you to hold a jelly fish in this natural haven. Something you don't want to miss! We return to the "Excellence" and choices of lunch featuring barbeque chicken breast, and steamed Snapper filled will be served onboard. Come and enjoy this beautiful beach for a swim and work on your golden tan or play a game of take a romantic stroll and let your feet sink in this amazing sand. See the natural beauty of Barbuda aboard the "Excellence". Rhythmic island music accompanies your day with us as we cruise back to the mainland. Duration: 6 hours approximately Activity Level: easy - moderate

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